The Mistake: Not Taking Advantage of Fashion To Engage Consumers

The partnership in fashion and design is one of the strongest opportunities that brands use to bring products to market for leading designers and influencers who closely follow and guide trends in modern fashion.

Fashion partnership leads to an improved image and a general sense of innovation and trends for the brand. These partnerships are usually different enough to break up the mess, generate consumer interest, attract the press and cause a stir among consumers. In fact, like music, fashion is one of the most popular categories in the world in terms of consumer interest on the Internet, as it also goes beyond culture and breaks down barriers.

Fashion events and content are no longer limited to fashion brands – nowadays you can see all types of brands using fashion, from the name Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to the catwalk dresses Subway from the capes, mo’t q Chandon on the Golden Globes Red Carpet as part of the long-standing partnership between Intel and HP with the fashion series Project Runway.

Fashion initiative is able to take the brand to the next level and make it unconventional and attractive to the consumer. It is important to remember that there must be a rhyme or a cause behind the partnership. By studying the foundations of brand and messaging goals, a mutually beneficial campaign will allow the brand and partner to find common ground in messaging.

For smart brands and marketers of all types there are opportunities for a wide range of commissions (read: from very affordable to quite high) to create wonderful partnerships that will be noticed by the media and consumers, while also significantly providing content for social networks . . . conversations in the media. Brands no longer need to travel to Paris to succeed in fashion, and almost any brand can create a successful organic partnership that will affect sales through any of these four platforms.

Collaborate with fashion events

There are opportunities for high-profile fashion events, from the “official” partnership with Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week to the small offshoots of Fashion Week, which are often just as worthy of press attention and impressive, including parades and celebrity gift shows. Fashion weeks are held in cities around the world, the largest of which in the U.S. are New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week, which take place twice a year, in February and September. The category of fashion events also includes designer showcases held throughout the year, or awards shows dedicated to celebrities, where the red carpet often becomes the main event of the evening.

Fashion events generate mass traffic and engagement on social networks. Based on data collected by Curalate Social Learning and Analytics, it was determined that during New York Fashion Week 2013, more than 33,000 unique users shared 100,000 related Twitter and Instagram. On average, the best photos of NYFW brands generated 37,448 interactions per photo, most of which were product-oriented. Marketing campaigns are extremely effective when they are conducted in real time, live at an event or elsewhere. Of the 100,000 posts that generated the most participation, 90% were posted in NYFW.

As an example of this social success, Harman-Kardon organized a three-day event to partner with New York Fashion Week to launch their trendy white headphones based on their ‘beautiful sound’ platform. During and after the event, the brand’s attendance on social networks increased by 970%: more than 19 million views on social networks and 370 million views in the national press.

Collaborate with fashion designers.

Whether brands want to present themselves as risky and innovative or more sustainable, there is an individual approach to fashion designers and events whose personalities reflect the same values.

Collaborate with fashion series

Fashion on television – a constant theme, series are dedicated to lighting and presentation of fashion trends. Networks such as Lifetime (Project Runway), E! (Fashion Police), Bravo (Rachel zoe), NBC (Access Hollywood, Extra) – they all offer sponsorship opportunities and options for embedding brands directly into content. Even daily talk shows usually have a trendy segment in which brands can participate creatively. In addition, the scripts of the series may contain the main fashion storylines, similar to the previous hit format “Sex and the City.” The target audience is usually a desirable female population with an average age of 25 to 49 years.

Pilot Pen has entered into a four-month digital partnership with NBC Fashion Star TV. A special fashion quiz was designed to show major awards at New York Fashion Week, supported by advertising blocks on the NBC platform, as well as the website and print of the series. In addition, social networks have sparked discussions of the show’s designers and fans of the brand. The partnership reached more than 14 million consumers, with the number of visits to websites 184% exceeded the plan, and the number of draws by 85% exceeded the plan.

Collaborate with fashion bloggers.

Fashion bloggers provide a very strong platform for sharing fashion-oriented branding strategies and can include consumer designs and lottery components.

Once fashion week in New York was reserved for a very exclusive group consisting of fashion elite and insiders. Today, mainly with the help of fashion bloggers – ‘ordinary’ girls who managed to become influential persons, everything has become much more accessible and attracts a wider audience. In fact, fashion – in addition to technology, food, sports and travel – is one of the most popular categories of blogging, with 3 million Google requests per day, just after the music.

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