When looking for a math teacher you need to do something to get a good experience. Having a good 家教 can be a big plus – much more payback than learning in class – but there are three common problems that can prevent you from recouping your money. These problems are the inability to communicate, the lack of real knowledge of the subject and the apparent irresponsibility. On the other side of the equation, if you choose carefully, you can find a tutor who will not only avoid these problems, but also offer far more benefits than any mentor you have ever combined.


Some brilliant mathematicians are notoriously poorly communicated. (Those of us who are not outspoken schizophrenics like John Nash, known in “The Beautiful Mind,” often love the world of ideas, especially since they are far from real life!)

If you have a distracted teacher instead of a tutor, you have a lot of knowledge, but no way to access them. If you have a mentor who knows how to stimulate student learning, you have an excellent teaching tool.

What do a good tutor and a good tutoring company to communicate clearly:

He listens to a good tutor. He/she is patient, she listens to your needs, she accompanies you every step of the way and constantly monitors your progress, guiding you from where you are to where you want to be. (Not from a place where you’re not.)

A good tutor has a lot of experience in tutoring, not just in the classroom, and this is another matter entirely. A good tutor intuitively understands the needs of students.

A good tutoring company hires great teachers, not just brilliant mathematicians, certified teachers or people who want to make money. Hiring a tutor, a good business owner asks him to give an example of a lesson. They’re talking. They work together.

An experienced tutor knows when to communicate well. They paid attention to their students, gave feedback, analyzed the process of communication and thought that works.

An experienced tutor knows when to communicate well. They paid attention to their students, to reviews, analyzed the process of communication and conducted a brainstorming session to see what worked.

Some students need something to be said slowly, some need to be repeated frequently, while others need things to move quickly so that their attention is focused.


An experienced tutor should take into account not only the student’s ability to learn and knowledge of a particular subject, but also other factors. Very often the obstacle to understanding mathematics is not necessarily the ability of a person to learn, but the current psychological and emotional state of the person. The student may have things that occur at home, at work, or in a relationship that can make learning much more difficult. He or she will be with his tutor during the tutoring session, and instead of focusing on what the tutor is trying to explain, the student is busy thinking about their problems. This can lead to a lack of attention, inability to concentrate and a lack of desire to learn or listen to the tutor. If you are hiring a student for long-term study, a good tutor or tutor should try to take these factors into account as much as possible and keep this in mind during your classes.


Being able to guarantee the result of your work is a big plus. An experienced mentor or mentoring team, having completed a number of classes with the student and having completed the necessary grades, should be able to tell how many classes it will take for the student to successfully complete the course or pass the exam successfully. Teachers should be able to ensure that the student does a good course or exam (provided that the student does all the work assigned to him and works with his tutor. You should contact the company and request a refund.

People who want to work as tutors in many tutoring companies have studied at some of the best universities in the country. However, there are some candidates that cannot be accepted, even with degrees that math students would envy simply because they do not listen.

When you team up with your mentor, a really good coach will listen carefully and feel what will be the best type of match. And if it’s really cool, then if it doesn’t suit you, he won’t link you to a tutor who really can’t meet your needs – he’ll just direct you to one of his competitors.

What you can do to meet your needs:

If you are talking to a tutoring agency for the first time, learn about tutoring skills. If you’ve been in a conversation, talk to your teacher and ask questions. Ask the tutor to explain the mathematical concept to you. If you don’t understand the explanation or you need to work hard to understand it or keep up, it might not be worth it.

What to look for:

A good tutor will ask you questions as you explain and check if you should.
A good tutor doesn’t think of this just because you hear words you understand.
If you don’t understand the first explanation, a good teacher will explain it a second time in a different way, instead of simply wrapping the original explanation in other words.
The tutor will hold the view that if the explanation was unclear, it is not the student’s fault (provided that you are willing to cooperate and really want to learn). The customer is always right.


The tutor must not only know the material well to pass the exam, but also must be familiar with it on the spot and be able to explain, as well as be able to do it. Real knowledge of the subject is actually a set of skills, different from the ability to solve a problem and pass an exam.

The tutor must have both pedagogical and educational knowledge. Some concepts often come to mind when asked to explain. We need a real understanding of the context of the mathematical concept and the fundamental principles involved, not just a good way of solving the problem.

For graduate courses: If you’re in college or graduate school, you’ll need a tutoring agency that specializes in tutoring courses for college graduates. In New York City there are very few people who are advanced enough in math to teach these subjects, and very few tutoring companies have them. The best mathematicians in New York know where to work best, so ask them which companies are good.

Some training companies focus on their results, not your training. Their business structure by law requires them to maximize profits, not your training. They use common teaching methods, formulas to ensure quality control. The flip side is that because teachers cannot deviate from proven methods, student performance is very low. The orientation is not individualized or adapted to the specific needs of the student. As a business model, this makes sense: ask a large number of students to read the program by heart and make sure they are all a little satisfied. But all those big additional benefits that could be obtained are lost.

How a good tutoring agency provides material knowledge:

Good companies check everyone who works for them. Potential teachers must take several written and oral qualification exams to ensure full knowledge of the subject and appropriate teaching skills. A good tutoring business is not only a direction.

Ask teachers on the spot to explain the concept aloud to immediately see how they teach.

Many good companies give you the opportunity to “test” your tutor during a session and guarantee you a full refund if you are not fully satisfied.

How to ensure knowledge of the subject:

If you go to the design office, ask what the teacher’s recommendations are. Check out the teacher profiles page. During a conversation with the tutor, ask the tutor to explain why something works and how to do the math.

Factor 5: Responsibility

The reality is that some teachers, especially in fast-paced New York City, do not come and answer phone calls for weeks.

Although our standard attitude is always based on trust, we understand that there is a chance that this will happen, and if you come to us for tutoring, you should know about us that the tutor doing this will be their job and will replace, period. They no longer work for our company. (Who knows, now they work for another company, so make sure you have exercised due diligence!) We expect all good companies to do so. But not all companies have a backup tutor who can take over the middle of the process and prepare you for exams.

Such things happen very rarely in tutoring companies, and this is the rarest of the three problems described here. But when this happens, it can greatly irritate students. So it’s good to know that you won’t run into this problem.

How to carry out a comprehensive check:

Ask the tutoring agency if they have ever experienced this and how they have dealt with it. Ask for a guarantee that not only will your problem be resolved, but a substitute teacher will be available immediately to make sure you are ready for the exams on time. And that this backup mentor is at least as good as the original.

Summary: how to find the best tutor for YOU

Thus, communication skills, real knowledge of the principles underlying the material, and assurances of responsiveness are the three most important elements that ensure that you will have a good tutoring experience that will help you achieve what you want in your studies and your notes. . You don’t need to take our word for it, just ask us, ask what other business you are looking for.

Take the time to get it right the first time, as it will lead to the loss of precious time and make things even more hectic if you have to start later, and become even more confused in your studies or your child. And also, if you get a really good tutor, a really good partner, you’ll not only be able to fix what went wrong in your education before – you may find that you’re learning more worlds than you did before.”


What to ask the tutor or head of tutoring:

How do you/your teachers communicate? What tools do you use to make sure that communication reaches me so that I really understand it?
Explain to me the mathematical concept.
Explain to me why this works, what the content of the method is and how to calculate it.
Did you/your teachers teach only in class?
My style of learning is q. Do you have a tutor/can you teach my particular style of learning?
I don’t know what my training style is. I’ve always had problems with Yu. Can you help me understand my teaching style and can you/teacher teach this style of learning?
What are your teachers’ qualifications?
Ask if there are substitutes for irresponsibility and ask if the company has ever experienced a situation of going out of control before.

What to look for:

A good mentor will ask you questions while you explain, and find out if you follow what they say, instead of assuming that you understand (or that you are the only one to blame if you don’t understand).
A good tutor doesn’t think of this just because you hear words you understand.
If you don’t understand the first explanation, a good teacher will explain it a second time in a different way, instead of simply wrapping the original explanation in different words.
Alternative tutors are available if something happens to your tutor.

David Yakubov is creative director and founder of the Mathematical Academy in New York. Math Academy is an educational company specializing in high school math, undergraduate and master’s degrees.

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