LED Display Technology For Outdoor Use And Application Scenarios

Distributing flyers to people is now an outdated advertising tool and limits the number of people the ad can reach. That is why a new way that can also effectively reach the target group is very necessary. The main point is that if the viewing distance is greater than 10 meters, there is no difference… Continue reading LED Display Technology For Outdoor Use And Application Scenarios

Food Processing Technology

They reduce overall costs because alternative protein sources require only marginal nutritional needs and health monitoring. Advances in 3D printing, fermentation and molecular biology are enabling startups to develop sustainable alternative protein production solutions. This helps food companies offset the ethical concerns and carbon footprint of industrial meat production. Big data analytics and AI, along… Continue reading Food Processing Technology

Know-how Trends 2022

Digital reflection is a virtual representation of complicated, interdependent bodily processes and interactions. The ability to digitize the world around us has increased dramatically lately because of advances in IoT, simulation modeling and analytical tools. For folks to work extra successfully and creatively, they need to be succesful of work together with expertise in a… Continue reading Know-how Trends 2022