LED Display Technology For Outdoor Use And Application Scenarios

Distributing flyers to people is now an outdated advertising tool and limits the number of people the ad can reach. That is why a new way that can also effectively reach the target group is very necessary. The main point is that if the viewing distance is greater than 10 meters, there is no difference led screen supplier between the 1920 update and the 3840 update. So do not think about good visual effects, you should opt for a high update. In general, if the refresh rate can reach more than 80Hz, the flickering and shaking of the image can be completely eliminated and the eyes will not be too tired.

While a time multiplexing design reduces the design area and the number of elements to be used, it also has the side effect of lowering the refresh rate. The refresh rate is defined as the reciprocal amount of time it takes for all LEDs to light up once. In a time multiplexing design, after the first row of LEDs is illuminated, the second row of LEDs lights up, and so on, until the last row lights up and the scan returns to the first row. As a result, when the number of scan lines is doubled, the time it takes to turn on all LEDs will also double and the refresh rate will be halved. This implies that the higher the number of multiplexes in a design, the harder it is to achieve a high refresh rate. Using a controller IC with an integrated SRAM can increase the refresh rate by reducing the time it takes to transmit grayscale data.

These displays are made from thousands of wired SMD chips, creating an environment where many things can go wrong very quickly. Cable failure is common and is one of the main reasons for SMD LED failures. Once this happens, black dots appear on the screen while drastically reducing image and video quality. For a variety of innovative viewing options, check out Samsung’s full line of outdoor digital signage, designed to withstand and surpass all kinds of unpredictable environments.

Manufactured with maximum durability and low temperature components, the need for extensive repairs or spare parts is minimal. The screens are not made with edges or openings, allowing for different shapes, such as concave curves, sharp angles, or multiple curves that match any image you can imagine. Image retention: When you’ve left your computer or TV screen unattended for a while and the screen goes black, you may see a weak image on the screen. Older models will leave a remarkable image that never goes away. This issue reduces image quality over time and produces overlapping images during use. Setting up an outdoor LED signage solution can be a daunting task with many moving parts and concerns about visual quality, cost, safety and reliability.

Detects if the corresponding STB lock output of the 245 is connected to the controller’s IC lock or if the signal is short-circuited to other lines. Find out if the corresponding stem of this LED module short circuits. Today we have summarized the solutions for solving problems with outdoor LED screens and we will share them here. If there are some plates in the horizontal direction that are not bright enough, check that the line connection between the normal and abnormal module is in good condition and if not, replace the faulty cable.

Premier is an customizable outdoor LED sign, perfect for the entrepreneur who knows that large custom-made signs grown for their particular business are the way to go. Alpha LED signs are great for everything from churches to schools to businesses. They tend to do very well in large open spaces, where they are clearly visible. Problem 9, The LED display software window is displayed normally, but the image on the screen is cluttered, staggered, or split into multiple windows to display the same image separately.