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Start folding down the top chamber of the scarf before placing it over your head. Make sure the two ends are the same length and then tie them in a knot at the base of your neck, just like you would for a scarf look. Insert each loose side up and around the bun and tie it again under the bun. You get loose ends or the extra hanging fabric and there you have it. If you wear a rectangular scarf, just start folding along the long side. Tie the loose ends under your hair in the neck and voilà!

Tie the ends of your scarf together in a double knot to make a circle. Pull the scarf over your head and turn the hanging end on yourself to form a number of eight. Pull the smallest how to wear infinity loop scarf loop over your head again and adjust the hanging ends so that they do not group together. For XXL scarves, wrap the scarf around your neck 3 times instead of just 2.

Today it is the out-of-service style that the best Instagram It girls adopt one by one. Part of the appeal of the style is the fact that it is only intended for OOO activities. You don’t wear a scarf to work with, you wear it in a sunny and relaxed place. Add to that both the versatility and packaging power of a modest scarf, and it is perhaps the basic holiday style article that you have underestimated for too long. Here are some photos from Instagram’s coolest outfit makers and look at all the smart ways scarves are stuck.

One of the easiest ways to include a scarf in its appearance is to tie it around a ponytail. This works with almost any size or shape, as long as you can fix it in a knot. If you’re really afraid that the silk fabric of your pony will slide down, place the scarf on a hair elastic before tying it up for extra stamina.

But how are all the cool girls with scarves in 2020?? Go ahead, learn seven tips for slimming scarves to keep it cool and modern all seasons. The City Slicker button is functional and easy to customize while on the go. This classic knot also keeps your scarf in place and in place.

Don’t be intimidated by tying up a big scarf, just consider them your cozy best friend in the colder months. With so much to choose from in our beautiful collection of scarves, and all with Joules’ typical attention to detail you’d expect, you have many options. Surprisingly, a blanket scarf can be girded under a jacket, as Emily from Life With Emily Blog has done. This is a great way to accentuate your waist even under all that fabric.

Our unique creation, scarf clamps are a headband made of light, screw-on fabric that can be worn under a scarf. By adding this simple headband, the scarf cannot slide over your head when you tie it. They are great for silk or other fabrics that slide or move more easily. The third and final method of tying up your silk scarf is a headband that I usually wear on those hot, wet days when your hair just doesn’t cooperate. It seems to me that this style works best with my hair up, so I got my hair in a messy bow.