Why Is Bow Support Important??

For people with high arches, it is especially important to find a template that provides full support during the bow that relieves excessive pressure on the ball and heel of the foot. Templates must fit well and be durable to maintain their shape during use and over time. Wearing comfortable shoes is especially important for people with high bows. Select a low heel and make sure the front of the shoe fits properly and does not block your toes. If you like to wear two pairs of socks on your running shoes, wear them when trying shoes in a store.

The contact areas of the forefoot, MF and heel are calculated and normalized to the sum of the contact areas of FF, MF and H; All values are expressed as percentages of the entire contact area. The contact area calculation was referred to the Cavanagh arc index formula which was generally used to determine a flatter foot in a static position . However, the current study used the formula to determine changes in the contact area of the FF, MF and H distribution when the foot was supported by the dynamic moving arc support template for walking. The above parameters were analyzed on both feet and the values of the two feet were averaged to avoid discrepancies caused by the difference between the dominant and non-dominant legs. The contact areas more evenly distributed in the center can help absorb shocks during climbing, descent and flat hike.

Arc support or a specific type of shoe cannot control any of these factors except equipment. We have found another study that shows no link between foot pronation and an increased risk of injury in novice runners wearing neutral running shoes. It means that choosing the shoe doesn’t make a big difference in the risk of injuries. Bow Support users and lawyers claim that it corrects the attitude and provides balance to people with flat feet. For people with high arches it offers good alignment and stability. Normal arc inputs require arc support for injury prevention and shock absorption.

Regardless of whether your ML arc is low, medium or high, it is inherently strong and can support your body weight. The simple action of walking and carrying the weight with your foot in a healthy configuration provides all the incentives your bow needs to be strong and resistant. In fact, the more weight your ML arc has, the stronger it will become! So take some healthy footwear, get out and enjoy the health benefits of the foot associated with natural bow support.

On the other hand, barefoot equipment can shorten the arc for a few months, meaning it doesn’t collapse as much as it does. Even if these reasons don’t apply to you, you can still take advantage of adding insoles to your shoe. Whether you have flat feet or extra high arches, your feet need arch support to get you comfortably where you want to go, whether it’s a daily walk in the park or an ultra marathon through the desert. Unless you wear custom or special shoes, your shoe doesn’t have a bow holder. By adding insoles, your shoes become more comfortable and stress and pressure are removed.

The maximum BT pressure has an interaction effect via the template and the slope in the current study. It was significantly larger in the arc support template than in the flat template during the uphill and flat hike. Most Instant Arch Support Inserts For Sandals people used the heel stroke strategy, where the midfoot is responsible for transferring the plantar weight from the heel to the forefoot. The forefoot plays a crucial role in propulsion in the final stage of a step .