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  • World Tiger Day 2021

    With loss of habitat and climate change, tigers are increasingly in conflict with people. Poaching and the illegal trading industry are also a very children’s shows live serious threat to wild tigers. The demand for tiger bone, skin and other body parts leads to more cases of poaching and human trafficking. As the size of […]

  • 40 Ways To Celebrate New Year Traditions Around The World

    The most prominent New Year’s event in Taiwan is a major fireworks show launched from the Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taipei. In 2018, the show was enhanced by the installation of a new LED display system on the north face of the tower between its 35th and 90th floors, which can be used to display […]

  • Our Best Travel Tips For 20 Years Of Travel Around The World

    As if I have an empty bottle of water with me, I’m thirsty all the time! With so careful copies of my passport, I won’t be telling in my palms how I wanted a replica over and over again to discover a place to wear it. By the way, I still wear the leashes of […]

  • 10 Rarest Birds In The World

    The population declined to at least 30 birds in the 1960s after much of its habitat became pine plantations. Even after releasing hundreds of captive-born cranes, the wild population has not grown noticeably for many years. Several of the bird species and subspecies described here have fallen sharply in recent history from great abundance to […]

  • 101 Travel Tips After Traveling Around The World

    Keep a business card for your accommodation in case your phone dies while you are away in case you have any problems returning. When visiting a new destination, one of the best travel tips we can give is to learn more about culture and customs. Before traveling, do some research to analyze how culture dresses […]