Narcolepsy: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

A study in a mouse model found that serum from narcolepsy patients was reactive with more than 86% of the hypocretin neurons in the mouse hypothalamus. High titers of Trib2-specific antibodies correlated with more severe cataplexy. In most cases of narcolepsy with cataplexy, and in some cases without cataplexy, sleep abnormalities result from a loss… Continue reading Narcolepsy: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

New Impulse In Exploring The Medical Benefits Of Marijuana

Amid the opioid crisis in our country, patients have reported that the plant is able to soothe withdrawal symptoms associated with drug detoxification such as heroin or other opiates. And states with medical marijuana laws saw a 20 percent drop in some opioid prescriptions. A 28 2015 evaluation of chronic pain cannabinoid studies found that… Continue reading New Impulse In Exploring The Medical Benefits Of Marijuana

Which Qualifies As Medical Negligence?

If a doctor makes a medical mistake that has a negligible impact on the patient, his responsibility will decrease significantly. For medical negligence in New York State, plaintiffs have two years to file a lawsuit from the time the injury was discovered or should have been discovered, although the lawsuit must also be filed within… Continue reading Which Qualifies As Medical Negligence?