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  • 5 Affordable Luxury Travel Tips That Will Make Your Next Vacation So Stylish

    When influencers flock to tropical places like Kalua-Kona, Hawaii (5-star hotel with an average of $1,000/night) go to a similar place that is less popular, such as the Gili Islands, Indonesia (5-star hotel averages $35/night). Spending a little more on airline tickets can lead to huge savings on luxury accommodations. Luxury travel ideas are often… Read more

  • Rental Of Luxury Real Estate

    You want the luxury of variety, access to beautiful homes around the world, but you’re also a savvy investor. homes for sale philippines There are a surprising number of options when choosing a real estate investment and/or vacation lifestyle. This means that tenants are happy to pay extra money to rent these types of homes.… Read more

  • What Exactly Does Luxury Apartment Mean?

    Not only does it have the potential for gorgeous views and can double as an amazing event space, but it is also a place residents will want to show off when friends come to visit. The rooftop can be home to a pool, lounge chairs, a fire pit, and plenty of comfortable seating. Your residents… Read more