How To Pack For College

We are all familiar with a moving checklist, but have you ever made a list of packaging inventory?? This extra step may seem annoying when you start your movement, but trust me, you will sing their praises as soon as you download boxes to your new place. Assign a number to each packed box and each individual item prepared during packaging.

That’s right, even before I brought my things to my new place, I was covered in damage and theft. This was an unexpected gift, especially considering that the moving company had a very minimal, but also very standard coverage level for my items. Basic tenant insurance plans can only cost $ 10 a month, so it’s worth looking for a plan and checking again if coverage also extends to your move, even if you just cancel it later. If you want to save money when moving insurance, it’s a great simple trick to ensuring that your belongings are protected.

Use it to easily mark and identify moving boxes, glue loose items such as cutlery or pens, or to secure loose accessories in furniture or decoration, such as a loose mirror in your frame. I am also a big fan of using a strip or two painter’s tape to keep the annoying drawers closed or to glue loose screws and rings after removing furniture or electronics. It is sticky but not crazy adhesive, so it does not damage most materials and surfaces. Start separating your vulnerable items into categories, with similar pieces together. When packing scales, each piece must be made depending on the structure. This means that the dishes must be packed differently than glasses, bowls, etc.

No matter how big or small your package is, it’s a good idea to fill it with a bunch of bubble wrap to add an extra layer of protection to your item. By blocking your items, they cannot move and are protected from accidental damage. If your package contains a vulnerable item, make sure it is placed in the middle so that all four sides of the box are avoided.

By taking the right time to pack and protect your delicate valuables, you can make sure they arrive safely just as you packed them. Just like packing your item in a new box, you should avoid using fabrics or bags. Despite their appeal, they also do not protect or support your item, even if you fill the bag with bubble wrap. After you have created a realistic, mobile checklist, it is time to jump into the packaging. Protects valuable books, such as old photo albums or first editions, with rigid cardboard between each volume to keep the spines straight and prevent movement. Also wrap each book in paper and align the inside of the box with bubble wrap or rolled wrapping paper.

Make sure you take your time and label each box correctly with the contents, a “fragile” label and the destination space in your new home. We recommend using old shirts or towels to fill the inside of the box, instead of just bubble wrap or newspaper. To test the effectiveness of each individual packaging material, we pack each box with only one material. Except for clothing, we discovered that none of the packaging materials were kept alone.

If necessary, fill an extra room with crumpled paper and / or bubble wrap. If you plan to rent a truck and drive alone, it is probably too heavy to keep the drawers on the dressers! Maximize the furniture you already fedex holding locations have by removing the drawers from the hooded cupboards and wrap them in an adhesive cloth to contain the contents! This is one of the best ways to pack shoes and other items that you don’t want to bury in boxes.

Protect each piece from the other with an extra layer of crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap or foam sheets between the pieces. However, if you pack a valuable art or mirror work, we strongly recommend that you break it for extra protection. When deciding which box is best for your vulnerable packaging needs, you should first consider the weight of your items. If what you pack is heavy, you want to choose a double wall box. Use them before throwing away extra newspapers, paper plates or wrapping foil to protect your dishes in boxes.

By storing your plates vertically in the box, you reduce the surface and thus the risk of breakage during transport. Fill the empty space in the box with a crumpled newspaper and / or an old T-shirt to reduce room for movement. Although packaging paper is cheap, a disadvantage is that it does not offer much protection. That is why we recommend matching it with other packaging materials, such as bubble wrap or polystyrene foam. First use wrapping paper and then pack all paper-wrapped items, such as mirrors and kitchen utensils, with these other materials. From bubble wrap to the right boxes, having the right packaging materials can be the difference in your fragile items that appear in one or more pieces.