8 Tips To Decorate A Wedding Reception On A Limited Budget

If you want something more elegant, choose this set of three stackable cakes. From rustic wedding decorations to flower installations, these are the best ways to decorate your wedding venue. A personal corn hole game keeps wedding guests busy while they wait for the bride and groom to arrive. Use our step-by-step instructions to create a set of corn holes for your big day and personalize it with your original last name and a paint job that coordinates with your wedding color palette. If the idea of spending hundreds on custom flower table centers is nauseating, you are not alone.

If you are trying to save money, use other items than flowers. I have seen beautiful centerpieces, made with glass vases and water with a single flower. If you have brunch, you can decorate with fruits and vegetables. Some simple votive candles add shine and romance to the room. You certainly don’t want your wedding day to look like a circus parade ten years later when you browse your wedding photo album.

Many professional decorators have even suggested allocating most of their stage decoration budget. This is not a surprise, as your stage will be the main focus of the event and the background of almost all the wedding photos. Savings for a wedding include making the right decisions at the wedding venue. So instead of choosing two different places for the wedding and reception, use just one.

By folding your napkins into arches or other shapes, you can add another layer of decoration. Candles are another cheap but captivating item that you can add to your center and wedding decorations. They don’t just have to be part of your center; Candles can look fantastic anywhere in your reception! Be sure to ask your location if you can have a fireplace open first.

Hopefully now you have your location and a good idea of what you need to become the wedding space of your dreams. Finally it is time to start choosing your wedding decoration! To avoid feeling overwhelmed when Wedding Vows for Him reviewing your wedding decoration checklist, start with the absolutely essentials. This includes all functional pieces such as tables, wedding chairs, cutlery, porcelain, and decorative lighting if necessary.