World Tiger Day 2021

With loss of habitat and climate change, tigers are increasingly in conflict with people. Poaching and the illegal trading industry are also a very children’s shows live serious threat to wild tigers. The demand for tiger bone, skin and other body parts leads to more cases of poaching and human trafficking.

As the size of nature reserves decreases, the tiger dispute arises with people in adjacent habitats. A hundred years ago, there were less than 1,00,000 tigers in Asia. Today, the figure has been radically reduced to 3,900 in nature. Last year we celebrated when the Tigers census was unveiled, highlighting the achievement of India of about 33% of the tiger population. In the Montgomery Zoo we want to take this day to celebrate our AMAZING CAT friends, the Bengal Tiger.

When a tiger moves, the whole forest responds and rightly so. They are predators from the top of the forest and keep the population of many other smaller mammals to the test. The presence of a tiger is an indicator of a healthy ecosystem. As human interference with nature grew, many parts of the forests began to die and the tigers took away. So much so that they were about to be threatened with extinction. Even today, the impressively powerful tiger remains in serious danger.

After all, if more people are aware of something, they are more likely to help, which is why this day is so important. The seventh World Tigher Day was celebrated in various ways around the world. Local events have been organized in Bangladesh, Nepal and India, as well as in countries outside the tiger range such as England and the United States. Some celebrities also participated by removing their photos from social media profiles. The World Wide Fund for Nature continued to promote the “Double Tigers” campaign by investing in rangers. The main reasons for the loss of tiger population are poaching, climate change and the destruction of their natural habitat.

International Tiger Day was founded in 2010 during the Tiger Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia. At the summit, the governments of the tiger-populated countries pledged to double the tiger population by 2022. In the last year of the tiger, leaders from the 13 countries in the tiger range and NGOs who wanted to protect these beautiful animals from extinction launched World Tiger Day.

According to the United Nations, the tiger population has declined by 95 percent in the past century due to causes such as wildlife trafficking and habitat loss. But according to WWF, there are still about 3,900 wild tigers left in the world. Since the early 20th century, more than 95% of the world’s population of tigers has been lost. Across Asia, the fall crisis would pose a serious threat to wild tigers.

Conservation actions have a positive impact with the use of science and technology, best practices, local participation and population investment. With its characteristic orange-red coat with dark stripes, tigers have become one of the most iconic animals representing the beauty, strength and importance of nature conservation. When it comes to male tigers, they can weigh up to 300 kilograms. The theme of International Tiger Day 2021 is “Your survival is in our hands”. Last year, the day was observed online because of the new coronavirus pandemic, but there was no lack of enthusiasm.

But about two million years ago, a branch of this family traveled to Asia and never returned. Later they became striped predators that are at the top of the food chain today. Tigers will be able to live in Africa given the large difference between Asian and African ecosystems??

Before tigers became a rare species, they roamed freely through the forests of Asia. Unfortunately, the endangered species represents only seven percent of the total population and is found only in dense forests and isolated areas in only 13 countries. There are indications that, given the right environment, the tiger populations may increase.