Handmade Handmade Coconut Bowls

A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to follow up on your question. If you have your logo handy or know the message you want to engrave in your bowls, you can upload it via the form. You can also browse the full range of organic products and buy coconut shells by visiting our store. Coconuts and bowls are grown and produced throughout Asia, and most of the products are handmade by local artisans in Vietnam and Indonesia. That said, the popularity of coconut shells is increasing and we are now seeing makers all over the world, especially in Europe.

Once your coconut bowl is dry, and if you have some time, rub some coconut oil into the bowl. If you can, try using organic coconut oil which is better for the planet. Avoid using hot temperatures, including warm water and extremely hot foods. Living a sustainable life means avoiding the consumption and depletion of natural resources. In addition to advocating for sustainable agriculture, our coconut shells promote sustainability by reusing waste rather than consuming new natural resources. By using discarded coconut shells instead of ceramics, metal, plastic and other materials, these coconut shells prevent raw materials from being depleted.

There are endless colorful and delicious meals to enjoy in your bowls, including stir-fries, sushi, curry, salads, smoothie bowls, desserts, and much more. So imagine, cook and take a photo to join the community #coconutbowls. Our coconut shells are completely safe for you and your family to eat from the start and will last a lifetime with proper care. Charlotte Ross I love the look of coconut shells, the efficiency of eating hot or cold meals in them and their eco-friendly look. This was one of those simple treasures that I found random and now I love telling people. Charlotte Ross first saw onearthyandy coconut shells, an Instagram account based on Hawaiian plants.

They are completely harmless, natural, hygienic and safe for food. Of planting a tree in the rainforests for every 10 coconut shells they sell. So with every purchase of coconut shells, you can enjoy the fact that not only do you save a coconut shell from waste, but you also help to replant rainforests. As mentioned above, using coconut shells helps save the environment by reducing coconut waste sent to landfills and incinerators. However, this isn’t the only way coconut shells can create a greener soil.

Today, a large amount of natural resources are being depleted and unsustainable levels of pollution are taking place. Mindful eating and sustainability go hand in hand, and coconut shells are a great reminder to feel gratitude for your food and where it comes from.

Before, during and even after use, coconut shells offer the environment a number of eternal benefits. Because all our coconut shells are completely handmade, they do not use chemicals. That also means that making these bowls is not accompanied by the harmful process of producing toxic chemicals, which has a detrimental impact on the environment itself. But putting greasy or artificial sweets in my bowls never crossed my mind! They invite us to be creative, to give some time to the presentation of our meals. Not only do we eat with our hands or stomach, the eyes are also very important in the process of satiety and satisfaction.

Reclaimed and reused, these coconut shells are undoubtedly ideal for those who lead a sustainable, waste-free lifestyle. Coconut shells are a big step towards a sustainable lifestyle. Coconut shells and spoon are naturally made, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Millions of coconut shells are thrown away and burning coconut shells release carbon dioxide into the environment. Therefore, the coconut bowl spoon is a great savior for the planet and the environment.

A better option would be to use them as environmentally friendly and biodegradable pots. Using coconut shells as biodegradable pots not only makes your plants look good, but it also saves you money when buying new pots. In addition, coconut coconut bowls wholesale shells can ultimately serve as healthy compost for plants. Because we have become accustomed to buying plastic items and other products made from artificial chemicals, it is often difficult to live a life without these purchases.

Mass production has led to the exploitation of raw materials and has caused harmful levels of pollution. It also continues to deplete huge amounts of energy resources, resulting in more pollution, emissions from global warming and other environmental problems. With handmade coconut shells, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about that. To have a greener planet, each of us must strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Rainforest Bowls does this by reusing discarded coconut shells and turning them into usable bowls.