Things To Do In Torremolinos

If you’re a coffee lover, head to the Vanilla CafĂ© in Plaza Nogal for a delicious freshly brewed coffee as time passes. The whole square has a beautiful setting with a modernist fountain representing ‘The Birth of Eve’ from 1993 and lots of greenery. When night falls, it’s time to explore the city’s nightlife. Torremolinos has many nightclubs, making it one of the liveliest nightlife spots. Here you will find many places to go out for a drink, parties, karaoke or nightly flamenco shows.

As the name suggests, Mejor con Reserva is one of the best places to get a reservation, and there’s a reason behind it. This restaurant is popular in Torremolinos and has attracted many visitors since its inception in 2014. Here you will find a delicious meal made with the freshest ingredients, a suitable atmosphere and friendly staff, everything you need to enjoy Spanish cuisine. Some of the foods you should try include; Sirloin steak, Iberian pork and the delicious Spanish cheesecake for dessert.

You will also enjoy seeing architecture, unique decorations, statues and paintings. This church is an excellent place to rest on rainy or hot days or after a long walk along Calle San Miguel. As in any city or city, you may want to avoid walking alone at night, as this is the time when smaller incidents can occur. However, the police regularly patrol the beach at night, where you will find most of the clubs.

Ritmo a Caballo is a place that offers the beautiful horse shows. As soon as you start, the great flamenco singers will make you feel satisfied. Then you will enjoy the great horse shows and many musical shows. It is so nice and beautiful to see the conversation between man and animal. All the artists are excellent in their traditional costumes with traditional Spanish music.

They also have plenty of beach beds and umbrellas for you to relax and bathe in the sun. You can learn about the local history of Malaga’s historic center when you stop at a prime location like Malaga Cathedral. Stroll along the beautiful beaches of the area or simply enjoy one of the lively bars. Benalmádena Hotel Carihuela Pueblo is a popular hilltop village characteristic of whitewashed buildings and terracotta roofs, reminiscent of traditional Spain. So far, this elegant but quiet village has escaped the clutches of tourism, making it a pleasant destination to escape the bustling centres of Torremolinos Street.

Therefore, this is the perfect place to enjoy the signature food of the province of Malaga. La Bateria Park, also known as the Battery Park, is a pleasant walk from Bajondillo beach to Torremolinos. It is a short walk from Torremolinos or five minutes by train. It is a perfect destination for a family picnic because the area is elegant and clean, with mountains and sea.

A stop at Plaza Costa del Sol or Calle San Miguel can complete your trip. In this public square you can see two people holding hands while they run. The statue is right in the roundabout and the surrounding sidewalk is full of shops. On the other side in front of this square is a beautiful popular beach, Playa Bajondillo.

Thanks to its beautiful beaches, shopping streets, restaurants and bars, the city attracts many tourists every year. In this article, we have reported 20 interesting things about Torremolinos so that you can spend a great holiday when visiting this city. The beaches of Torremolinos are the city’s biggest attractions and are full during the summer, when foreigners descend into the city. The main beach areas are El Saltillo, Playamar, El Bajondillo, La Carihuela, Los Alamos and Montemar. La Carihuela is the old fishing district of Torremolinos, and although most of the old traces of industry have disappeared, the neighborhood still has its charm. This is a fascinating place where you can walk along the coast from Remo Square and enjoy the best seafood served in restaurants and small bars along the coast.