Three Tips For Buying “good” Quality Clothes

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For starters, there is a big difference between synthetic materials commonly used by budget fashion brands and high-quality synthetic materials used by designers or higher-quality brands. In the fast fashion industry, synthetic materials are often used to replace natural fibers. It is about saving costs, so this type of synthetic fibers do not usually have a high quality and are chosen mainly for their similarity with natural materials, their price or their appearance. Many designers and brands specifically formulate fabrics to get the exact type that is right for their design or to improve things like breathability and other functional properties. For me, second-hand shopping was always about finding the “gems”, so good quality and unique pieces.

Touch and feel the garment, adjust it and ask yourself if it is something that will last you a long time. Invest in something that elevates your style and personality and remember that you deserve the best. At The Good Tee we make sure our clothes are made with precision and care by our amazing team in our factories.

Then you have polyester, acrylic, rayon (…) which have good properties if you choose high quality. In general, synthetic fibers are much more stable than natural fibers, shrink less, last longer. The first sign that will help you identify a poor quality garment is the fabric. If you can see through the fabric, it means it is poorly made. However, this does not apply to clothing that has been deliberately made transparent.

Manufacturers of cheap clothing will often skip the coatings/interfaces to save money, and the garment will look good on the hanger, but will quickly deform after using it several times. To make sure you’re buying good quality clothing that isn’t easily used, look for natural fibers and avoid synthetic fibers. Although natural fabrics are usually of better quality, this is not always the case. Even garments made of 100% cotton or cashmere can have low-quality fibers, overwashed or have poor workmanship. So be sure to look at the label as a base before looking at the other aspects of the garment.

Well, we are already behind, here are our 3 simple tips that will help you choose the right clothes that are durable and of good quality. If the fabric is of low quality, no matter how good the design of the clothes or how suitable the garment is for the purpose, it simply will not last long. Therefore, it is very important to get the right substance. To 2022 Chicwish review do this, you need to identify what you need the clothes for and decide which fabrics are suitable for them. Often, a small amount of synthetic fibers improves the fit of a natural fabric. Spandex, polyester or lycra are mixed especially well with cotton or wool to add stretch and elasticity and ensure that the garment retains its shape after washing.

If there are no coatings or interface, the item quickly gets that baggy, sad wrinkled look that cheap items get after a few wears. The interface is a strong fabric sewn between the layers of a garment to help it retain its structure. The front is a piece of fabric in an opening of the garment, such as a sleeve or an opening of the neck, which encloses the rough edge of the fabric. Both coatings and interconnects help a garment retain its shape. There should be interfaces around the waist, on the buttons, on the neck and shoulders, on the edge of the sleeve and on the hem. You can look ahead by turning the element from the inside out, and you can see if there is interface by feeling where it should be.

The biased binding looks like a small piece of cloth sewn around the hem. The invisible finish will be barely visible from the outside of the garment and will usually use a “blind hem stitch” that attaches the hem to the garment intermittently. On the side of synthetic fabrics, stay away from acetate, it is made of gasoline, it is as breathable as plastic, super sweaty!

For example, if you’re looking for a summer dress, natural fibers like linen or organic cotton are better than wool because they are lightweight and sustainably produced. Armed with this knowledge, you can start looking for the right dress. Now, before you buy, another quick trick is here to take the contents of the label and quickly search for it as well. This will help you understand the jargon and descriptions on the label and help you make the right fabric decision when in doubt.