February This Day In The History Month From February 1 To 28

It is also held to encourage and inspire people involved in social work. Raising awareness of the role of NGOs between the public and private sectors. It is held to raise awareness of the role of women in achieving development goals. It is held on February 2 every year to raise awareness of the importance of wetlands for humans and Earth.

The day commemorates the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Soil Health Card Plan in Rajasthan on February 19, 2015. The aim of the scheme is to issue a soil health card to farmers every two years to provide a basis for tackling nutritional deficiencies in the soil. The scheme guarantees extra income for farmers by increasing yields and also promotes sustainable agriculture. This international effort has raised awareness of pangolin species and mobilized various stakeholders to accelerate conservation efforts. The goals of the day are to make the public aware and the media about the importance of radio. World Pulse Day is celebrated on February 10 every year to raise public awareness of the nutritional and environmental benefits of pulses as part of sustainable food production.

The idea of celebrating International Mother tongue Day was Bangladesh’s initiative. On this day, in 1952, students showed that they recognized their language, Bangla, as one of the two national languages of what was then Pakistan, was shot and killed by the Dhaka police. CBEC officers perform annual corruption verification in assets of the manufacturing sector. The day is celebrated to commemorate the legislation of the Central Law on Special Taxes and Salt on February 24, 1944. The day recalls that women and girls play a fundamental role in scientific and technological communities. The celebration is managed by UNESCO and UN-Women, in collaboration with civil society institutions and partners promoting the access and participation of women and girls in science.

January 26 has been recognized and celebrated because the Day of the Republic of India is declared a national holiday. Here is your guide to important days nationally and internationally in February. Here is the list of important days at international and national level in February 2021. December is the last month of consistency and accompanies joy and celebrations such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Other important days of this current month are World AIDS Day, Human Rights Day, International Human Solidarity Day, Minority Rights Day, etc.

The ninth annual Pangolin World Day was celebrated on February 15, 2020. World Pangolin Day is an opportunity to highlight these unique mammals and their plight. Pangolins are one of the most traded mammals in the illegal wildlife trade.

This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of having pulses in our normal diet. For 2021, the theme of the World Puls Day is “Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future”. This year, specific emphasis has been placed on the nutritional and health value of pulses. In the middle of winter, you and your child may be watching the party calendar for special activities. Their local community centers, health organizations and schools may have events in coordination with some of these special days and celebrations. Please note that the Jump Day took place in February 2020, but there is no Jump Day or Jump Year in 2021.

May recognizes the various business meetings and print days, for example International Labor Day, Coal Mine Day, International Brand Day, Nurses International Day, etc. The month also addresses some important issues by observing World Asthma Day, National Anti-Terrorism Day and National Day of Endangered Species. World NGO Day is an international calendar day, which is celebrated annually what is today date on February 27. India Coast Guard Day is celebrated on February 1 when the Indian Coast Guard was established in 1977. The role of the Indian Coast Guard was to protect national resources and provide non-military maritime protection. The Indian Coast Guard is in fact a dedicated naval force that enforces maritime legislation and security over the territorial waters of India.

It helps us recognize the great work of doctors, nurses, pastoral caregivers and all those in healthcare who spend their days working to restore the strength and health of those affected.

World Thought Day is celebrated worldwide on February 22 every year by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. The day is celebrated to appreciate the help and guidance of brothers and sisters around the world. From a broader perspective, it is a day to think of brothers and sisters around the world, discuss their concerns, and understand the true meaning of the guide. Thinking Day is celebrated to appreciate the help and guidance of explorers and sisters around the world. World Scout Day is celebrated on February 22, Robert Baden-Powell’s birthday.