Chefs Share Their Best Virtual Dinner Menu Ideas

From traditional cuisines such as French and Italian to slightly more exotic things, such as Peruvian or Caribbean. In terms of style, our private chefs can serve dinners, both in banquet style and individually. Hiring a personal chef is not just catering & cooking classes phoenix az for the rich and famous. Many home cooks love cooking and prepare a great meal for family and friends. But given the option, they may prefer someone else to do all of this and more to free them to spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Sometimes I notice that I have to have dinner a few hours before, and that’s crazy, not only to create a menu, but also everything has to buy, prepare, cook and present. It is only possible to do this if it is focused and efficient, and that is where my motto (don’t panic)! You are also the hostess, the server, the bartender and the dishwasher. It must be a whole restaurant staff squeezed into one person. Even when dinner is ready, I keep cleaning the china and glass and put everything away.

High-end wedding catering costs really have no limit. Lobster, filet mignon, specialty seafood, organic ingredients – menu options like this can increase your cost per person to $ 150 and more. A busy, noisy and bustling restaurant is not always what you want for your intimate event or dinner. Private dinners in your own home, with food prepared by a high-quality contracted private chef, who uses only the best ingredients, really can’t be combined in both quality and guest experience.

The concept depends on the experience of local chefs who contact you and work with you within 24 hours of applying to create a custom dining experience in the comfort of your home. Chefs bring everything, including food, kitchen equipment, and cleaning supplies.

For an accurate quote, be sure to inform chefs how many people to feed, what you want on the menu, and other relevant details. No matter who you cook for, Chef Carmel recommends choosing simple and progressive dishes if possible. “I think when designing their menu, people should make foods that they can prepare in advance and just heat up,” he said. Word of mouth is still the best way to find a private chef, although more and more companies are emerging, such as Kitchit, Eatwith and The Culinistas, making it easy to track down a culinary star for your home’s kitchen. Many of the investigating home professionals will do part-time work or unique events. Or contact culinary schools and ask them to recommend some of their best recent graduates.

And last but not least, don’t be afraid to approach the chef at your favorite restaurant: if the price is correct, you will often be ready for moonlight in your kitchen. We attended dinner for nine in Chicago, where our Table at Home chefs (Robert & Holly) made and served a 15-course meal. Each plate was beautifully prepared, silver and perfectly shaded. Chefs considered my pregnant and vegetarian wife’s requests with more than equal quality replacement dishes. I would recommend 10/10 to use Robert and Holly if you enjoy sophisticated and modern dishes. The preparation of multiple courses by multiple chefs, all at once, requires prior planning.

Read more about hiring a chef for dinner to do all the work for you. Once you have thought about your family’s needs for some time, you can make an informed decision about whether a personal chef is right for you. Then determine what type of chef and learn about your specific needs so you can create the perfect vacancy to hire the ideal chef for your lifestyle.