Why Children Should Ride Horses

You need to brush your horse, make sure your equipment is comfortable and clean and keep your horse healthy. Horse riding carries a lot of responsibility, which is one of the reasons why it is such a good sport for younger children. A Detroit horse camp recognized the unique lessons that children learn to care for and ride horses. David Silver, founder of the non-profit organization, says in particular that “the camp develops character and qualities such as perseverance, responsibility and compassion …

The instrument has been tested to determine the internal consistency, validity of the structures and reliability of testing and retesting and is used in many countries, p., Brazil and Iran . The scale analyzes 14 barriers and 29 benefits related to physical activity. The questionnaire had a Likert-type format with a forced choice of seven answers with answers ranging from 1 to 7 . The scale has been translated into Polish by the authors of the article. The survey was sent to the participants of Cavaliada by the event organizers.

Just like your muscles, your brain needs movement to stay young and flexible. Whether you learn to jog or get high marks in a dressage test, you will feel good about what you are doing. Megan Hawkins, public relations executive of the British Horse Society, claims that the health benefits of horse riding are tested in a study conducted on behalf of the BHS. The study found that horse riding meets the level of training intensity recommended by government guidelines. This effect is largely due to the release of the hormone to improve mood, serotonin, which contributes to feelings of happiness. The body releases this chemical when spending time with animals, such as horses, which improves placement.

Since I was a little boy I wanted to ride a horse and I am thinking about getting riding lessons for my birthday! I’m glad I found this article because I had no idea there are as many physical benefits as the fact that it’s a great exercise! Also the fact that it gave me the opportunity to be outside and enjoy nature while getting fresh air would also help my sanity. You have to complete several steps, both before and after a lesson, that make horse riding a good practice routine. You must feed and water your horse, wear hay bales, clean stalls, brush and wash your horse and complete countless other tasks. Although this type of work burns calories and builds muscles, driving itself requires much more effort.

The most commonly reported benefit of exercise in women was to keep fit, while the most commonly reported benefit for exercise in men was increasing . Cavaliada is an international equestrian competition and a great festival, with the aim of promoting horse Equestrian riding as a discipline of sports and recreation for everyone. Cavaliada Tour is a series of international equestrian competitions that take place in Poznań, Lublin, Krakow and Warszawa, and is also authorized by the International Equestrian Federation .

Research data suggests that if mounted on the most intense steps, such as long jogging and galloping, it is possible that health benefits are achieved by accumulated weekly driving. Horse riding is an isometric exercise that focuses on specific muscle groups and helps maintain strength. While riding, the central muscles, such as the oblique and abs, swing on the horse’s back. In addition to the core, the muscles of the back, chest, inner thighs and pelvis are also strengthened, so that the driver can maintain a good posture. The equestrian industry is a very social community full of people who will help and help each other take care of other horses and build relationships for life. We spend so much time in the garden, either taking care of his own horse or taking care of a friend; And then there are shows, trail rides, riding lessons and local clubs.

The use of appropriate protective equipment and instructions for safe driving should be emphasized . Those who don’t have much experience with horse riding may wonder what health benefits they can get from just sitting on a horse. Equestrian sports are physically quite challenging and have therapeutic properties, which offers benefits for physical and mental health. Read on to learn more about the many health benefits of horse riding. Over the years, research has shown that horse riding offers important health benefits, as well as a fun day.

Leasing is a great way to fully test the waters, financially and in terms of time and dedication, before you buy. Ensure the best success that all terms of the lease are carefully resolved in advance. UNIVERSITY STATION: A study revealed many benefits for those involved in driving activities and attempted for the first time to define the amount of energy spent on several common driving events. One of the main reasons for driving is that riders want to communicate with horses because they have proven to be extremely social. Communication and interaction with animals already have a positive effect on humans and are widely used in therapeutic driving programs. Developing the ability to accept that things don’t always go our way and the ability to learn lessons that lead to future growth and learning is an important ability to maintain motivation and momentum.

In the BHS report, 4 out of 5 people noticed a positive change in their mood after driving. Riders will socialize with their horses, including their instructors, stable workers, other competitors, etc. The horse industry is one in which people help each other with their horses, in shows, on walks on trails, during lessons and outside the shed. There are countless horse organizations to participate, from race records to sports organizations, specific discipline organizations, local clubs, youth organizations, etc.

Although driving is an activity of fun and leisure, it is also a form of isometric fitness that can enhance the core. The simple act of sitting on the animal forces the rider to balance himself. Riders must also use some specific muscle groups to indicate the horse and participate in the activity.