What Is Access Control??

Protected behind a closed door, they become much more difficult to steal or compromise. Not only do we accept cards, badges, keyboards and codes, but we also allow users to unlock doors with their phone. Users can use their phone as a key card by installing our application; You can even integrate DoorFlow into your business application with our SDK Access is permitted or denied based on locally accessible rights to the independent component.

Safer systems require two types of references, called “double authentication”. Determine which type of authentication works best for you and how secure it should be. ACCL provides installation services for all of these access control options, door opening systems and types of access control readers. Biometric access control systems with fingerprint or retinal readers are becoming increasingly popular. Retinal scanning can be applied to guests, but is usually only used for high security applications to control staff movements. Fingerprint systems can be applied to one multi-door access point to multi-site applications.

After some high-profile violations, technology vendors have switched from single-login systems to uniform access management, which provides access controls for local and cloud environments. With decades of experience in developing robust access control solutions for physical and logical access, organizations and governments rely on HID Global to provide unparalleled security and protection solutions. Using a combination of electronics and mechanics can provide more safety. For example, an electronic system first checks the card / other means used, after passing this phase you can only use a key in the mechanical lock to open the door.

However, choosing to implement one can be quite a difficult decision, especially given the number of options available when it comes to hardware, software, manufacturers, installers and management systems. That is why it is important door access control system to consider the impact of an access control system before doing everything possible. Access control systems are complex and can be difficult to manage in dynamic IT environments with local systems and cloud services.

S2 NetBox is an IP-based EAC application that has also seamlessly integrated an IP-based access control solution into OnSSI and Milestone . The advantage of S2 NetBox is scalability, starting with a two-door system, which contains two safe smart card readers that can link to the IP network and power PoE Choosing the right device is a very important factor in this process, as even a manufacturer can offer dozens of different types of access control devices. While you can add more, it can be harmful to change them, so choose wisely when making your last selections.