Some Warning Tips For The Oxygen Concentrator

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However, an oxygen concentrator does not replace situations in which hospitalization is necessary. If a patient needs more than five liters of oxygen per minute, they should be monitored medically. There are two main types of units, a pulse current and a continuous current, based on the supply of oxygen-rich air.

This is especially true for patients using stationary oxygen concentrators who need a constant energy flow to operate the concentrator. On the other hand, if you have a portable oxygen hub, you can trust a lithium-ion battery until power is restored, but it is always smart and proactive to be prepared for the worst. You know how to fully prepare for an unexpected power failure?? We will discuss some preventive measures you can take to prepare for the unexpected. Portable oxygen concentrators generally weigh two to four kg and come with pulse current and continuous flow modes depending on the physician’s need and advice.

For example, killing mold in the home requires very high performance of the ozone machine. Therefore, it should be used with caution or should not be used at all in oxygen generator machine residential houses. When exposed to ozone, it can cause various respiratory diseases. Clean the outside of the portable oxygen hub; Work carefully around the vents.

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It is better to choose a hub with the lowest energy consumption. In addition, continuous current oxygen concentrators have a shorter life than pulse current oxygen concentrators, because they emit more oxygen. Oxygen tanks are also quite heavy and difficult to move, even from one room to another. Even the smallest “portable” tanks are heavy and difficult to handle. Simply put, oxygen concentrators make life in oxygen therapy much easier. Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators don’t really produce oxygen.