Recruitment 101

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Find the employer’s LinkedIn page by typing the company name in the top left search bar. Then press the “people” tab and type your search term, p., “recruiter.”This shows you a list of employees with that job title. During your job search, find local personnel agencies that can connect you to one of your recruiters. Some agencies specialize in a specific area, while others serve different customers. Be direct when discussing your job search with a staff agency to ensure that recruiters work in your field. Identifying and connecting with recruiters who specialize in their field may be worthwhile, although candidates must remember that the employer pays recruiters and will prioritize the interests of that employer.

Neither of these is planned well in advance; As we all know, life happens. Good recruiters will not brag and talk about other candidates they put to work. Rather, they will ask you questions about your experience and career path, what you want to do next and what you expect from a company and a job. While a bad recruiter can talk about you, a good one will listen well. A great IT recruiter will do his best to help both companies and job seekers find what they are looking for, but there are also plenty of people who just want to close the deal. Nowadays it is easy to become a recruiter, so some people don’t take this job seriously.

From the company’s point of view, it gets the cheapest method to find the most qualified candidate. For initial or middle jobs and when the time pressure is not severe, the management team is likely to start searching by assigning the task to internal recruiters. After all, if the internal team can produce a suitable candidate, no additional costs will be incurred.

Certifications, references and testimonials are important, but do not replace chemistry. Ask yourself if you like the recruiter’s personality and presence; find them face to face at least once. The best recruiters work tirelessly to understand their professional history and ambitions so that they can provide personal and effective advice during the search process. View vacancies in professional publications and see which agencies advertise for your group members.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion about what recruiters really do, which can ultimately reduce the value candidates get from their association with a recruiter. Once you’ve found the agency that suits your industry, location, and level, be brave and accessible. Since recruiters are extremely active on LinkedIn, their profiles need to be well developed, which means you should take the time to investigate who you are dealing with. You can consider starting a blog, podcast or message via LinkedIn to increase your visibility. You can also use an informal interview with a professional scout to learn more about the company’s culture and recruitment process.

Recruiters are flooded with requests for free professional advice, free CV writing advice, free practice interview sessions, etc. While most recruiters are highly qualified in all of the above, our “real” job is to find qualified people How To Choose The Right Supply Chain Recruiter to work for our customer companies. Most recruiters spend half their day discovering great job vacancies with their customers and potential customers, and the other half of their day looking for qualified candidates to fill these jobs.

Choose a recruiter who is physically in your specific interest market. They develop very strong local relationships with customers by attending face-to-face meetings and maintaining regular communication with local law firms. Local recruiters receive information about potential opportunities or positions from local, often unpublished companies that those in other markets simply cannot access. If a recruiter does not follow the local legal news closely, he or she is not well equipped to represent you as a candidate in that particular market. With recruiters, the general rule is that local is always better. Also note that companies sometimes use multiple recruiters to find candidates for the same position, so make sure you don’t apply for the same job with two different recruiters.

Such niche recruiters are not always easy to find, so job seekers may need to use creative tactics. Recruiters must communicate with customers, applicants, participate in the incorporation process and receive regular feedback on new recruitments. More importantly, they can remain calm and friendly to job seekers, although this job is sometimes not easy or stressful. Yes, recruiters have to turn down more candidates than hire them, but that doesn’t mean they should stop communicating with you. They need to find a way to turn rejection into a relationship. Sending a rejection letter after the interview should be a must, but it is even better if you send him a personalized email.