Podcast Marketing

If you use it right, and I suspect we’re going to talk about that in this conversation. Instead of sending messages to the marketing stratosphere and expecting a prospect to find you, it’s infinitely more powerful to be in conversation with your target customers. If you’re ready to spread your message and personal brand by identifying opportunities to guest on industry-relevant podcasts, the following five tips can help you achieve your goals successfully.

It helps spread the word and is good content that people may want to share. Look for multiple ways to promote it on your network. Adding podcast episodes to your media list shows how versatile Podcast interviews you are as a personal brand; especially if you have video content, blogs and it’s impressively consistent on social media. Did you enjoy this episode of the 15-minute strategy capsule?

However, you don’t have to start your own podcast to reap the benefits. While creating a podcast is an easy way to promote your brand, it can be more of a time commitment than being ready. You can also focus on podcast invitations.

There are actually benefits to podcast invitation versus hosting your own podcast. If you want to boost your business, the podcast invitation puts you in front of a wider audience. It positions you on the same level as the podcast host, making you a thought leader in its own right. Unlike written content, there’s a personal connection that makes you feel like you’re talking directly to a friend.

And people say, Well, you know, if you’re guessing you’re probably paying for blah, blah, blah. Therefore, guest blogging may not be as powerful as it once was. But I think that’s as a podcast guest and that’s what comes down to being that guest on someone else’s podcast, they have the audience that they’ve built, they want to bring in an expert. So it can be very, very powerful to build an audience outside of your normal network type.

Your time has value, so you want to make the most of every opportunity. Think of the podcast invitation as a collaboration. Not only does it help the podcast host by being a great guest, but it also allows them to leverage their existing platform. While you shouldn’t write and read a script, you can prepare a few talking points first. Depending on the length of the episode and the host’s questions, the podcast guest must choose from 5 to 10 key points and ideas they want to share with the audience.

This means you can squeeze a lot of extra ad value out of each appearance. The best thing you can hope for is that you can get people to follow you somewhere and start paying attention to what you’re doing. But that said, if you appear as a guest, how you use that, if you appear on TV, for example, it’s what you do with that, which is important. Can you reuse that, you know, a dozen, two dozen, three dozen different ways for your own audience? The TV stations are happy that you are promoting the segment.