Move A Vertical Piano

When deciding to hire professional motorcycles to transport or operate your piano yourself, it is essential to weigh all costs. Packaging, labor, car rental, gasoline, time and configuration are expensive. Most movements can be expensive, so make sure to get a quote before you commit to anything.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a wing, you really need to hire professionals to help you move it. However, if you are going to do it, remember to lower and secure the lid. You must ensure that everything is securely packed in moving blankets, if possible included. For this type of piano you definitely need a piano table, as well as many helpers you can find! Once you have maneuvered the piano onto the board, you can gently move it to the truck.

Regardless of the storage location, wrap the piano in heavy blankets and do not place boxes or items on it. Also make sure it is as flat as possible without extra tension on one leg or corner. Suppose you have a vertical piano narrower than the width of your door on the first floor. It is easier to move that piano to a moving truck than to move a wing than a wing that has to go down a piece of rotating staircase.

Some professional piano motors offer a wrapping service that will give you great peace of mind. Whether you rent a professional piano motor or drive it yourself, make sure you understand all costs and dangers. If you rent a professional motor, the movement costs can range from $ 200 to $ 1,200 depending on the size of the piano, the distance it carries and whether or not it is loaded. It certainly saves you money if you do it yourself, but there is a significant risk of something breaking or injuring someone if you don’t have all the necessary tools.

You need at least strong furniture straps to lift and transport the piano, and furniture to navigate through flat spaces. Try not to roll your piano more than a few inches on your metal wheels as they will break. Some pianos have removable legs and you should always take advantage of this feature if available. Wrap the piano body in blankets and hold them in place with duct tape. The lid must be closed and locked and the space must be filled with another blanket for protection.

When tackling moving a vertical piano, the task can generally be completed with moving tires and a wheelbarrow. But if you’re wondering how to move a wing, the answer is probably using a wing. A piano board is a piece of hardwood with grooves for moving tires on each side. You want to move the prepared and secured piano body to the piano board and secure it with the straps. It’s time to put on your work gloves and prepare the piano for your trip. First connect the lid to the keyboard and attach it with duct tape to make sure it doesn’t open and close on the go.

Finally, push the piano into the truck or truck ramp and place it against the back wall with moving tires. Make sure to tune the piano again and give a good cleaning once it is installed, and you should be ready to go. Piano transfer companies specialize in the safe movement of large, heavy and expensive pianos and organs with special equipment, shore platforms and harnesses. Piano motors have specialized training and knowledge to properly secure, transport and configure the instrument with care and precision. They must be qualified to move the piano out of a house, apartment or company and maneuver the stairs safely.