Miami Travel Guide: See, Do, Save And More! Current

The gastronomic establishments of the popular comic tend to be high in price and low in quality. Except at Palace, where the noisy weekend drag brunch is not to be missed. Armani Casa Residences Miami Car Rental – Car rental costs as little as $35 USD per day for a multi-day rental. That said, it’s a go-go-go city that can be really fun and exciting for a few days.

Visitors to South Beach praise the beautiful beaches, the fantastic nightlife and the excellent live music. You may also want to set aside some time to see Collins Avenue Shopping Area or Ocean Drive as you explore the neighborhood. Relax on the compacted sand during the day, admire the art deco architecture, and have fun in nightclubs every night.

At the Miami Beach Visitor Center, you’ll get all the information you need to know about Miami Beach, which is why you can contact us at any time. Going to Miami and not visiting the beaches is like going to Rome and not seeing the Vatican. It’s impossible not to explore the beautiful beaches of this city that lie on the south side of Florida. Whether you plan to sunbathe or just look at the beautiful scenery on the beaches, you can be sure that you will have an unforgettable experience. The Beacon is one of the most exciting and remarkable structures in the area, but also don’t forget to look for those beautiful pastel art deco buildings. A popular destination for families, The Falls offers an outdoor experience complemented by lush tropical vegetation and, you guessed it, waterfalls.

The Lennox is one of the best mid-range hotels in the area and offers spacious rooms with a modern and fresh style. Access to the private beach, outdoor pool and terrace are wonderful benefits of your miami itinerary. The area dates back to the 1920s and was one of the first commercial developments in Miami Beach. The street is designed to resemble a historic Spanish Mediterranean village.

Read on for tips on everything from the best time to get to Miami and the best beaches to where to stay during your Miami vacation. Miami has more than 1 million Cuban immigrants living there, and they’ve brought the best of their culture to areas like Little Havana. You can have great Cuban food in Miami, from upscale restaurants to street food. You can get Cuban food in South Beach, but you pay three times as much. Plan a day and a half to stroll through Little Havana and soak up the culture. In addition to the food, there’s great art, shopping, and some history, like the Bay of Pigs Memorial.