How To Buy A Used Car

If the ad doesn’t contain one and the dealer doesn’t offer one, consider it a bright red flag. Based on these details, you can determine the average sales price of a used vehicle, as well as the exchange value of the car, which is more or less the cost of a dealer. The third valuation estimate you will find is the ‘private partial value’, which you can expect to pay by buying a person’s vehicle ‘as it is’. Use these estimates to guide your negotiations with a seller or seller. While many people test cars before buying, few have used mechanically viewed cars before the deal was ended.

Van Alst says that the dealer and his financial company will distribute that extra money.” Both new and used car dealers make a large part of their profit through financing, both in their internal financing department and with external lenders who pay their commissions. If you can pay in cash, you will save a lot of money in the form of interest never paid, but the dealer will lose that money.

If the seller has to send the title, do not pay the full amount until you receive the title. For example, if the seller agrees to make repairs for the first 30 days, you must request them in writing and certainly indicate which repairs and parts and labor include. Otherwise, you are responsible for everything that goes wrong with that car as soon as you drive it out of the person’s plot or house. You should always ask to see the car’s proofs and work history.

A vehicle history report can report accidents and flood damage, but will generally not contain any mechanical problems. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pay for a freelance mechanic to perform a mechanical inspection of a used car. A mechanical inspection is a good idea even if the dealer has “certified” and inspected the car and it is sold with a warranty or service contract.

Make sure the report contains the make, model and VIN of the car. If you decide to buy from the dealer after seeing the inspection results, you can use the estimated repair costs to negotiate the car price. Before writing the contract, the financial manager will likely introduce you to additional products and services. Buying a comprehensive warranty at the right price can provide peace of mind. Many manufacturers now include “drive train” guarantees up to 75,000 miles.

You have to pay the inspection costs, but you can avoid paying for a car with big problems. Receive a report of the vehicle’s history at, run a test drive and have an independent mechanic check the car. Make sure to check the engine condition, tire wear and any signs of accidents. Compare the odometer value to the sales invoice and see the Federal Trade Commission Buyer’s Guide and the New York Department of Motor Vehicles inspection label published on the car. Buying a used car from a private seller is another story because he or she owned and driven the vehicle. You still want to view the vehicle history report if you take the purchase seriously.

Warranty includes the engine, transmission, drive shaft, brakes, radiator, steering and dynamo. “The best advice I can give people is that their bank, credit Used Car Dealership Huntsville association or online lender approves in advance to get a car loan,” said Philip Reed. He is the car editor on the personal financial site NerdWallet.

Protection of paint and dust, rust protection, additional safety systems, extended guarantees, etc. they are cheaper if bought separately. Request your monthly payments with and without additional options. Before signing a contract or paying money, make sure that no additional costs have been added and don’t buy anything you don’t want. Check the dealer’s license status and complaint history. You can search for an online licensee on You can also call 311 (212-NEW-YORK outside of New York) to learn more about a company’s license status or to verify a company’s complaint history.

If the car is air-conditioned, turn it on to make it work. If applicable, make sure that the automatic windows, locks and seat settings work properly. Check out the odometer to see if mileage is the same as the car salesman told you it was, and make sure no warning lights appear on the board. Ask good questions: Eliminate the plague factor when buying a used car by asking the right questions. Ask why they sell the car, whether it has been regularly serviced and maintained, and whether it is still under warranty.