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Easy to wear, suitable for casual days or special occasions, a pendant adds a charming approach to any outfit. A true symbol of success and strength, the diamond perfectly materializes every step of personal achievement. As a vector of ascension and social recognition, a diamond necklace reveals the success and pride that comes with it. If you’re DR diamond a mother, have you ever thought about giving your daughter a lonely diamond pendant? A jewel that among you would symbolize the memory of a unique day, that of your meeting. For a girl, a small diamond hanging from the claws of a solid silver bélière will be of the most beautiful effect because it fits beautifully with a casual style.

Some opt for an eternity band to highlight their wedding ensemble, while others opt for a standalone piece like a bracelet. A ten-year wedding anniversary is really a historical event, so it follows of course that the traditional gemstones for the occasion are diamonds. Appreciated since ancient times for their brilliant brilliance and superior hardness, diamonds adorn many of our most sought-after jewelry. A diamond ring is both sentimental and beautiful and is often reminiscent of the day you exchanged rings years earlier. Diamond earrings, whether classic studs, sophisticated drops or glamorous hoops, are also a nice option.

While diamonds are traditionally given away as the gift of the sixtieth wedding anniversary, there’s no reason why this gem shouldn’t work for any of your anniversary events. With so many jewelry styles and options available, diamonds are the perfect reflection of your love and dedication over the years. The first year of marriage is full of precious memories and donating some gold is an appropriate way to commemorate them. For a classic first birthday gift, choose a piece of jewelry in yellow or white gold. Consider rose gold for a more distinctive look, especially popular in contemporary or vintage styles. Whether it’s a special gift or a gift for you, discover the beautiful deck of De Beers Forevermark diamond jewelry.

However, the anniversary of the diamond does not appear until the 50th anniversary, depending on who you ask. For this reason and much more, a diamond pendant is the perfect anniversary gift for every year. The durability of a gemstone is measured on a scale known as the Mohs Hardness Scale. Diamond sets the industry standard with a moh hardness score of ten perfect points, due to its incredible durability.

This 14-carat yellow gold split tip contour diamond ring by James Allen is a wonderful gift for any mother in your life, and its brilliance will remind you every time she wears it. We love this one because it’s easy to stack or use along with other rings. This 14 carat yellow gold bezel pearl bezel diamond ring from Brevani is so sweet. Brevani has a full line of these adorable contemporary gemstone rings available from James Allen, so you can choose one with mom’s birthstone, or go for one in your favorite color. When selecting an anniversary gift, there are plenty of guides that suggest different items for different years. Paper, wood, silver and gold are popular choices for various anniversaries.