Ceramic Belt Warmers For Many Ceramic Variety Applications

Thermal Corporation heating belts are made for heating cylinders, such as pipes, vessels or nozzles of injection and extrusion grinder machines. The mica heater tires are built by wrapping a cable or resistance tape around a mica plate, spraying that element between two other mica plates and then forming coated steel around the mounting. Operator Comfort: Since most of the heat enters your process directly, the ceramic belt heater emits significantly less heat to the ambient air than a mica belt heater. Our ceramic strip heaters are made of spiral wire heating elements installed on segmented ceramic mats made of individual ceramic tiles.

Available with 110V and 220V power supply. Heaters can heat up to 1,200 degrees C in a dry environment or up to 25W density Mica Band Heaters For Sale and can achieve up to 98% underwater heating efficiency. Functions include corrosion resistance and self-regulation.

The low expansion clamp band provides tight cylinder adjustment and provides excellent heat transfer over the entire operating temperature range up to maximum heating temperatures of 600 ° F. Plastic extruder operators and injection molding machines experience minimal downtime with the Starflex band. It is also one of the most efficient and durable belt warmers available. Tire warmers, also known as knuckle warmers or barrel heaters, are a variety of heating elements that provide direct or radiant heating by holding the nozzles, tubes or cylinders. Belt heaters are mainly used in metal and plastic forming processes, such as extrusion, and resemble strip heaters in terms of application and configuration.

Other types of belt warmers are mainly conductive and require an intimate adjustment where the components are heated. Slots or other surface irregularities form gaps under the tires, resulting in hot spots and premature heating failure. WATTCO belt heaters can be found in different types of dimensions, strength, stresses and material.

The tubular element heating plate is a heating plate produced by bending the industrial electric furnace with metal pipe into a plane that pulls a spiral gear. The industrial electric oven with metal tube has a semicircular diameter and flat gluten. Such a cross-section allows a large heat transfer surface between the heating plate and the saucepan, which is used to increase heat efficiency. The thin heating ring is a type of parental filling material with heat transfer and insulation layer between the spiral heating cable and the plastic housing. Flexible one-piece tips with stainless steel hose and separate straps. Thin one-piece lenses, flexible with stainless steel overfinger at one end, separate strap.

Suitable for drums of plastic injection molding machines, plastic extruders, reciprocals, chemical processing, cylindrical pipes, molds and molds. Female distributor of infrared ceramic heaters, including ceramic belt warmers and ceramic fiber heaters. Features include honeycomb design mosaics with 24V direct spark ignition and a transformer. The optional reverberation screen is available for additional security.

Applications include resin processing, heating pipes, chemical processing and drum heating, injection molding and blow molding machines and extruders. ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and distributor of belt warmer. Band types of heating elements include tires of mica-insulated stoves, tires of metric stoves, tires of standard mica heaters, tires of flange lock mica heaters, tires of wedge heaters.

2-piece chrome steel belt heaters with a maximum temperature of 800 ° F, inner tube diameter from 5 “to 20”, with mineral insulation and designed for incinerators and more. 1 or 2-piece steel nozzle heaters with a maximum temperature of 900 ° F, inner tube diameter of 1.25 “to 7.5”, with mica insulation, designed for extruders, vessels and more. Fast heating compared to mica belt warmers, so the energy is STORED Available for one or two piece belt warmers.

Configuration options include one or two-piece heaters, type of closure and type of cable / pool terminals. Options include terminal boxes, holes, heat-saving insulation, three-phase power, double voltages, partial covers, European connectors and insulated perforated covers for air-cooled applications. Manufacturer and distributor of belt heaters, including ceramic belt warmers and screw cap heaters. Features include high temperature oxidation resistant mental coverage, higher mica insulation, low thermal expansion band, uniformly wound nickel / chrome resistance wire, 10-inch UL® standard. Fiberglass lead wires for protection up to 850 degrees F and thickness of 1/8 inch. Available in special constructions consisting of two parts, terminal box, holes, plug and Euro box.