Best Whisky Glass 2021

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The problem is that some whiskey drinkers don’t believe you should even waste your time swirling it. We’re not here to tell you how or what to drink, just help you find what to drink out of. This type of glass should simply be glass, smooth, and hopefully shatter resistant because we all know you’re going to be drinking a double . Widely used and widely respected by those in the know around the world, the Glencairn Whiskey Glass — which won a prestigious innovation award back in — is heralded as the official glass of whisky.

It has a stem like a wine glass, but also a tall and narrow shape with a bowl that’s wider than the rim. The long stem stops the drinker’s hand from coming too close to their nose, which can affect the smell of the whisky (believe it or not!). The bowl shape them pushes those great aromas up to the narrow rim, letting you experience every single flavour and smell infused into the beverage.

But whisky, which by the way in my opinion is the worlds most complex spirit, is being served in anything. Whether it’s a highball glass or a tumbler, or some other glass made for drinking. Like stated before, I don’t care if it’s even a mug, the taste of whisky will still be the same.

Instead of closing your lips around the tight opening of the Glencairn or Tulip, this glass has a wider mouth and actually opens it up a bit. This allows the whiskey to open up more, unleashing stronger aromas and flavors since it will hit your tongue faster and cover more surface area. The differences might be slight, whisky decanter crystal but if you’re a big whiskey drinker it wouldn’t hurt to give this glass a side-by-side comparison to the classic Glencairn glass. A tulip or Copita glass is based on the traditional Spanish glass used for sampling Sherry. Now, it’s a popular choice for master distillers, blenders and true whisky connoisseurs.

This type of glass is ideal for bourbon tasting and cocktails. The longer stem provides easy grip, keeping the hand away from the rim. The wide bottom, and narrow rim focus the aromas, revealing secret flavors within the whiskey or bourbon for only you to know.

Decanters don’t really serve a purpose for whisky, as they do with red wine, but they do provide a charming 1920s aesthetic. This glass has a short and solid base that makes it popular with people who don’t like stems on their glasses. It’s narrower and taller than a tumbler, and owing to the slightly wider base, it’s perfect for swirling your whiskey. This bowl shape at the bottom gathers the whiskey’s natural aromas and allows them to travel easily up to the rim, making it exceptionally popular with whiskey connoisseurs.

It’s meant for being able to swirl whisky to open up the aromas of the whisky. In all honesty, a swirling glass isn’t all that different from a rocks glass. The exception is that instead of using it to craft a cocktail, you’re using it to swirl and open up your whiskey.