An Introduction of Linear Charger TP4054

The TP4054 is a single-cell lithium-ion battery charger with a full constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger. The TP4054 is appropriate for portable applications because of its SOT packaging and low external component count. The TP4054 may also be used with a USB and wall adaptor. 

Because of the internal PMOSFET construction, no external sensing resistor or blocking diode is required, and the negative Charge Current Circuit is avoided. Thermal feedback controls the charge current to keep the die from overheating when the power is high or the ambient temperature is high. The charge voltage is set at 4.2V, and the charge current is controlled by a single resistor. When the charge current lowers to 1/10th of the planned value after the ultimate float voltage is achieved, the TP4054 automatically ends the charge cycle.

The TP4054 automatically enters a low current mode when the input source (wall adapter or USB supply) is disconnected, lowering the battery drain current to less than 2uA. The TP4054 may be turned off, which reduces the supply current to 45uA. A current monitor, under-voltage lockout, automated recharge, and a status pin to signal charge termination and the presence of an input voltage are among the other features.


Up to 800mA programmable charge current

There is no need for a MOSFET, a Sense Resistor, or a Blocking Diode.

Complete Linear Charger for Single Cell Lithium-Ion Batteries in SOT23-5 Package

Thermal Regulation and Constant-Current/Voltage Operation to Maximize Charge Rate Without Risk of Overheating

Charges single-cell Li-Ion batteries directly from a USB port, completing the charge cycle (650mAh battery).

With a 1% accuracy, you can tune the charge voltage to 4.2V.

The output of the Charge Current Monitor for Gas Gauging

Recharge on Demand

Output Pin for Charge Status

Charge Termination C/10

During the shutdown, the supply current is 45 uA.

Trickle Charge Threshold of 2.9V (TP4054)

Inrush current is limited by the soft-start feature.

SOT-23 package with 5 leads is available.


Cellphones, PDAs, and MP3 Players

Cradles and Charging Docks

Applications for Blue Tooth

CAD Models



3D Model

Block Diagram


Where to Use

The devices can be used in hearing aids, smartwatches, sensor nodes, mobile phones, laptops.

How to Use

The TP4054 is a single cell lithium-ion battery charger using a constant-current/constant-voltage algorithm. It can deliver up to 800mA of
charge current (using a good thermal PDB layout) with a final float voltage accuracy of±1%. The TP4054 includes an internal P-channel power MOSFET and thermal regulation circuitry. No blocking diode or external current sense resistor is required; thus, the basic charger circuit requires only two external components Furthermore, the TP4054 is capable of operating from a USB power source.


In this mode, the TP4054 supplies approximately 1/10 the programmed charge current to bring the battery voltage up to a safe level for full current charging.

When the PROG pin voltage falls below 100mV for longer than tTERM (typically 1.8ms), charging is terminated. The charge current is latched off
and the TP4054 enters standby mode, where the input supply current drops to 45µA. Once the average charge current drops below 1/10th the programmed value, the TP4054 terminates the charge cycle and ceases to provide any current through the BAT pin. In this state, all loads on the BAT pin must be supplied by the battery. The TP4054 constantly monitors the BAT pin voltage in standby mode. If this voltage drops below the 4.05V recharge threshold (VRECHRG), another charge cycle begins and current is once again supplied to the battery.

At any point in the charge cycle, the TP4054 can be put into shutdown mode by removing RPROG thus floating the PROG pin. This reduces the battery drain current to less than 2µA and the supply current to less than 50µA. A new charge cycle can be initiated by reconnecting the program resistor.

Alternative Parts

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