27 Most Beautiful Places In Italy Best Places To Visit In Italy

Verona, Northern ItalyFor being the setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo Juliet”, Verona is a beloved city among tourists. Located on the meandering River Adige, this city has many historical sites that attract people from all over the world. Castelvecchio of Verona is a beautiful vaulted red brick bridge made to protect the castle. Due to its very advanced design, this old bridge is visited by everyone. Like the Colosseum, Verona also has a beautiful amphitheater according to an ancient pattern. There are red terracotta roofs in the city that create a beautiful lively view.

From the immaculate art galleries to the ancient ruins and delicious pizzas to the delicious wines of Tuscany, Italy always leaves tourists with plenty of options. Along the shores of Lake Garda you will find a number of beautiful towns and picturesque villages. The most famous is the town of Sirmione on the south side of the lake. Malcesine, Limone Sul Garda and Riva del Garda are also worth a visit, if only to see the north side of the lake. And there are many more places to explore, but that takes up a lot more of your time. Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region, is considered the cradle of the Renaissance.

Now take a look at what to see and do and where to stay, according to Italy experts at Rough Guides. The following information comes from the drop-down content of The Rough Guide to Italy, your travel guide to visit Italy’s drop-down content. From top to bottom, this famous country is full of iconic cities, beautiful towns and villages, amazing beaches and everything in between. Italy is the kind of place that offers idyllic beach getaways one year and rural vineyard holidays the next. To paraphrase a millennial concept, Italy is a country that does both.

There are many sites that offer a glimpse of Roman rule over the city, which today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The discovery in 1748 offered a lot of information about the ancient Roman Empire. People love to visit this city and explore the well-preserved ruins to learn more about this city.

There are streets where you can shop, Via Condotti, the most popular shopping street, and areas where you can have a good time. There are a generous amount of beautiful towns along this 50 km stretch of coastline, but Sorrento is the real highlight. With its sun-drenched squares, beautiful hotels, and winding streets that exude old-world charm, it’s a beautiful, manageably large city that will turn any trip into a seafood-filled, Aperol-infused dream. Florence is a vibrant city that has something for everyone, from culture to history, good food and good times.

Museums such as the Civic Museum and the Diocesan House of Sacred Art make Montalcino a prominent place. In addition, countless religious paintings, sculptures and glass museums represent history. Visitors from all over the world come to visit montalcino to enjoy fine wine, exquisite food and learn more about Italian culture. To experience art, beauty and history, it is one of the most important treno rosso del bernina. Located about 30 km from Naples, tourists travel to this incredibly beautiful island, as it is the largest of the Phlegreen Islands in Italy. It is impossible to make a tour of Italy without visiting the famous capital.

Florence, which today as in the past is one of the important commercial centers of Italy and Europe, attracts about 10 million tourists every year with its historic buildings, beautiful architecture and social life. Rome, with its breathtaking views and attractions, is a popular destination among diehard romantics. It has many museums, art galleries and theatres that offer insight into its rich culture and historical past. Beach rabbits will fall headlong down by the white sand and impossible aquamarine water around Costa Smeralda and the south coast of the island.

Many Italian belt-breaking classics come from here, including mortadella, tortellini and tagliatelle al ragù. Shop in the delicacy-filled Quadrilatero and day trip to the town of Modena for the world-famous aged balsamic vinegar. Make way for Parma, the birthplace of Parmesan Reggiano cheese and the incomparable prosciutto di Parma. Wherever you dip your fork, toast with a glass or three of the famous Lambrusco or sauvignon blanc from Emilia-Romagna. Italy’s most romantic region, Tuscany, is tailor-made for art-loving bon vivants. You can visit the beautiful and historic churches of Florence, take a medieval pilgrimage route and engage in art.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, also known as the Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta, was designed with strong Byzantine influences and has a fascinating Pisan Romanesque architecture. The cemetery is located in the sacred space of Piazza die Microlith, which has several frescoes, as well as Renaissance and medieval works of art. Campo Santo, known in English as the “Campo Santo”, has a large collection of Roman sarcophagi, sculptures and urns. Piazza Dei Miracoli, formerly known as Dome Square, is located at the foot of the Leaning Tower. The Plaza de los Milagros has earned its name through a poetic expression of the magical beauty of this site.